All of our programs are taught by highly qualified, passionate, loving and devoted teachers. We provide small class sizes to ensure we accommodate each individual dancer, emphasizing values of equity and inclusion through the art of dance.

Recreational Program

  • For dancers of all abilities and levels

  • Trained by highly qualified inspiring teachers in a fun environment

  • Inclusive environment where the motto is ‘if you can move, you can groove’

  • Dancers have the opportunity to perform at our Holiday Show (held at Dancepirations Academy Inc) and in the annual end of the year recital

  • Great opportunity to set goals and achieve them, make new friends and have fun

Part - Time (PT) Competitive Program

This program is a perfect way for committed students to dip their feet

into the waters of the competitive dance world

  • Minimum of 4 classes (maximum 8 including solos, duets, and trios) *ages 6 & under minimum 2 classes

  • *NEW PT SELECT  - participates in a small group and attends 1 additional competition 

  • No previous experience needed (although beneficial) 

  • Attend two feel good competitions within Ontario (one local and one away e.g. Niagara Falls) and perform in the annual recital (nationals optional) 

  • Must attend a minimum of one summer camp

  • Acro exams are optional but highly recommended 

  • Great opportunity to set goals and achieve them, make new friends and have fun

    • If a dancer wants to take a PT competitive lyrical or acro class, they must additionally take ballet

Full-Time (FT) Competitive Program

This select program is designed to truly challenge and inspire students who are serious

about dance and can be 100% committed 

  • Amazing opportunity to set goals and challenge yourself

  • Will have an opportunity to work with guest choreographers

  • Must be committed to extra choreography on some or all of the following:

    • weekends / summer / after class

  • Grade 8 & under: minimum of 8 classes (plus a minimum of 2 additional solos, duets, trios or small groups)

  • Grade 9: minimum of 7 classes (plus a minimum of 2 additional solos, duets, trios or small groups)

  • Grade 10 & up: minimum of 6 classes (plus a minimum of 1 additional solo, duet, trio or small group)

  • Attend three feel good competitions within Ontario (2 local and 1 away e.g. Niagara Falls) and perform in the annual recital, nationals optional but recommended 

*Mandatory Classes: Ballet, Stretch & Technique

*Tumbling Mandatory if you are taking acro for Grade 10 & under

*To do pointe class you must also additionally take a ballet class. Ballet & pointe count as one class and if you are doing pointe, it is additional $120+hst.

*Must attend summer camp and/or classes

*There is no maximum hours for this program

*Must participate in acro exams if taking acro (to be in acro you must have your side aerial) 

Shining Star Program

  • For dancers of any ability who face physical or developmental challenges

  • This program gives children who love to dance an opportunity to compete at 1 competition and have a moment to shine!

  • They will get 8 private sessions (for the price of a solo) with a teacher and assistant and they will choreograph a dance to compete at 1 competition and perform at recital

  • This program can also be integrated into any recreational class and the dancer will have an assistant to work one-on-one with, in an inclusive setting

10 Pass Class Card


1. 10 Pass Class Card (for non-Dancepirations members) $170 + HST 

2. 10 Pass Class Card (for Dancepirations members) $145 + HST

How the 10 Pass Class Card Works: Dancers can come drop in to any technique class (tumbling, stretch & technique, yoga/pilates and/or tap technique), without the commitment of having to come each week. This is also great for competitive dancers who still want to dance at an advanced level but cannot commit to the hours of training. The teachers will take attendance each class and when a student comes for a drop in class we will record it. Once a dancer reaches 10 drop ins we will send you an email to see if you would like to purchase another one.

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***If you are interested in the part-time or full-time competitive program please contact the studio for an audition (ages 4+) or send a video. We also will review the dancer’s CONTRACT, which outlines his or her commitments to being apart of the Dancepirations Academy Competitive Team.


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